Newhead Studio
Based in France

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April, 2023


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Join the ultimate hitmen party - a fast-paced, hilarious, and interactive local multiplayer game for up to 6 players. With multiple game modes to choose from, including the classic Hitman mode and the unique challenges of Dress-up and Bodyguard, there's always a new way to outsmart your friends and become the best hitman.

In Hitmen Party's fully interactive world, you'll have to use your creativity and cunning to blend in and stay incognito. Fish by the river, sit quietly on a bench, drink at the bar, or eat at a table - these interactive elements are your key to tricking your opponents and avoiding detection as you track down the target. With unpredictable gameplay and endless possibilities, Hitmen Party is the ultimate party game for those who love a challenge and a good laugh.


  • Local multiplayer couch game up to 6 players
  • Multiple game modes to enjoy with your friends
  • 5 maps each with their one interactive gameplay elements
  • Wide range of game controller support (Keyboard, Xbox, PS4…)
  • Online play supported through Steam Remote Play together and Parsec


Announcement Trailer | PC YouTube


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About Newhead Studio

Newhead Studio is an independent game development studio based in France, founded by three friends with a passion for creating games that are both fun and accessible. We are the developers of Equilibrium, an arcade physics-based mobile game that challenges players to balance a variety of objects, and Hitmen Party, a local multiplayer couch game that allows players to compete against each other in a variety of hilarious game modes.

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Hitmen Party Credits

Axel Paris
Founder, Developer

Thomas Deliot
Founder, Developer

Vincent Riche
Founder, Developer, 3d Artist

Jean-Marie Rudent
2d Artist, Freelancer

Lucas Dubouchet
2d Artist, Freelancer

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